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Chiniot is known all over the world for its fine wood-carving which can still be seen on the doors, windows and balconies of the houses in the central part of the old town. Wood carving is found here mainly in two forms - furniture and handicrafts, Furniture of Chiniot is better in finishing and quality standard than that of other areas of the country. This Industry is totally based on local material like wood, hardboard, yin-board, etc. All forms of furniture are made here, but the most popular forms are of carving and brass Inlay. More than 80% demand of Pakistani market is met by the Chinioti furniture.

Internationally, Chiniot alone is competing with the most modem furniture industry of Italy which has monopoly all over the world. The carving style of Italy and Chiniot is the same but the furniture - here is more durable and beautiful than that of,. Italy. Sheesham wood is mostly used in the furniture which is better in quality and strength than Rose Wood, and considered similar to wood found in Brazil. The furniture made of Sheesham wood has become an important part of almost every house. Chiniot furniture industry is 150-200 years old, with 3000 to 4000 furniture workshops operative at the moment. Approximately, 40,000 to 50.000 people are linked with the furniture and handicraft business in Chiniot. The artisans in a workshop work like family members which is their heritage.

Furniture available here is mostly without polish, while a major portion of exports is in the form of wooden handicrafts which include objects like table lamps. jewellery boxes, trolleys, table sets, models of animals and historical buildings. mirror frames, Mughal style screen partitions, etc. Two famous places for getting the best specimens of furniture and woodcraft in the city are: Mohalla Tarkhanan (masons area) and on the Shahra-e-Ouaide-Azam.


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